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Perpetually cute and addicting.

Don't quite know how you can write a detailed review on something so short, followed by a loop, but here goes. First off, that has to one of the cutest little Creepers I have ever seen, funny seeing as how they are as evil as evil comes, and the song is quite addicting and very catchy.

9/10, 5/5, fav'd

Just plain awesome.

The animation was beautifully done throughout, and the art was very good as well. Facial expressions were spot on, the action was well animated, and the music was amazing.

Final newspaper though is just a horrible ending though. All that work, and nobody knew the truth. :3

10/10, 5/5, fav'd

Very good, from DA to NG

The original comic on DA was gut bustingly funny, and this enhances its humor. The animation was good, showing various emotions and actually giving them motion.

Still think it sucks from your journal on DA where the teachers just skipped past yours after half of it not even working. :|

9/10, 5/5, fav'd

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An amazing game

Beautifully done, the music was fantastic, the gameplay is quite nice, easy to do, and the puzzles were not overly complicated. Above all, the story was beautifully written and tragic. Like others have said, not exactly a happy ending, but a satisfying one indeed.

10/10, 5/5, fav'd

Nicely and beautifully done

Big fan of the Tremors movies, and this was just so awesome. Love the pixelated versions of the characters, and the action is quite intense. 8D Keeps a good surprise, what with the Graboids that just come up, and then the others that make the sand wave and jump from there. Nicely done, quite difficult, and I just need to save Heather and Mindy to get everything.

10/10, 5/5, fav'd

A very nice remix

Like the title says, it does a good remix of the original Infectonator, but there's a few little things. Not bugs mind you, just little aspects.

first of which is the zombies don't move as fast as in the first. This got really fun in the first to upgrade speed first, and watch your zombies overwhelm the poor people so fast and devastatingly, but now it seems so died down.

Another is the damage resistance of the zombies has been brought down greatly, and the people seem to have increased HP.

Now what IS really great about this is that Game Over is not brought upon by end of time, which if you can't take over a group of people, the timer is reduced and reduced until a day starts and it's over as soon as you click, and instead, the Game Over is brought upon by a set amount of days. :3 I really like that aspect.

BOOMERS... those make this game freakin awesome. Infect them, and they can both kill and possibly infect, and THEN they blow up and spread infection spores to people to instantly infect them. FREAKIN GENIUS on that man. 8D

And Santa... seeing such a timeless character like him fall... just brings a warm fuzzy feeling to you. ;)

And framerate has been drastically improved! I remember in the first Infectonator, where when zombies just flooded the area and coins were everywhere, I couldn't catch what was happening, but that has been fixed so now I can fully enjoy the carnage. >8D

Greatly improved, but the health of zombies compared to that of the gun people is kind of annoying.

8/10, 5/5, fav'd

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Such a variance!

For the first few minutes, I thought this was going to be a bit of a remix of the slow, emotional parts of the Metal Gear Solid OSTs, kind of like MGS3's Debriefing track *one of my favorites*. As if this part wasn't as masterfully crafted and done, IT CHANGES! At 2:36, it shifts into fifth gear, and kicks off with such a fast and high beat, characteristic of the very thrilling battles and alerts. After this boost of strength and speed, it slowly eases back into the slow pace it started, which makes it perfect to loop in the background when doing housework or homework.

Bottom line, this is just epic. This remix does the music good justice, and is simply amazing.

9/10, 5/5, fav'd

I don't know quite what to say

If I wasn't in the computer commons I would be squealing in delight right now.

The music was just excellently done in Tarboy, and this is one of my favorite pieces. Glad to see that there is more to the music than when Tarboy snaps the robot's neck. The lyrics are quite awesome, and the overall sound of the music is awesome. Really captures the essence of the dark old 20s style bar music, you know?

Really awesome, and incredibly happy that you're putting music from Tarboy on here.

10/10, 5/5, fav'd

Haunting and beautiful

I like how the music leads and your vocals are the backup, but the music is a bit overpowering in some areas, and I can't quite make your voice out.

Beautiful back story to this, and the music itself just has that inspiring feel to it. Think I might do a drawing now from this song. :D I think I might also pay the other songs of Memory Planet a listen.

9/10, 5/5

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Does this mean he doesn't wear pants?

Because that would defeat the purpose of armor. XD

nicely done! Design, detailing and shading are very good, and the texture in the background gives it a nice gritty feel. :3

9/10, 5/5, fav'd

very nice!

The pose is reminiscent of Ezio's in AC2, the detail and look of the suit is quite awesome, and the chains of ammo came out very good, and her face is nicely done.

Only thing about this tho is that her legs are quite skinny and small. This is a very hard trouble i've had in my drawings, but just practice, and force yourself to draw her legs bigger, and they'll start to look more natural. :3

8/10, 4/5

Kaptain-Karmel responds:

I was going for a more leaning forward kind of thing. But yeah, I guess they are a bit small. :\

pretty good!

your drawing skill is good, coloring is quite fantastic, but the only thing that's irking me on this is her lack of eyebrows. >_< that's about the only thing i can find off with this. other than that, very good and sexy. ;3

8/10, 4/5, fav'd

amyrenee responds:

Lol I was wondering if anyone was going to notice that she didn't have any eye brows Lol. :D Thank you though.

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